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Our Projects

Here you find our projects divided in three categories:

Current inquiries

We want to show you our current customer inquiries. As a component supplier you can check if something fits in to your manufacturing profile. For more information contact us!

Backlog of orders

Here you can find everything we do for our customers at the moment. The shown projects minimum duration is one year, mostly above.

Accomplished projects

Of course there are not only projects with a long duraion. Here you can see some work we did once or which are finished.

Generally this page shall show you our diversity. As a sub-surplier you can find interessting work and as a principal you can inform yourself, if we fit in your requirements.

Current inquiries
Subject Projects name Units Projectdescription Circumstances Datasheets
assembly Schutzbrillen 40.000 p.a. The production of safty goggles have to be organised. current inquiry
assembly / packing Indikator-Verpackung 25.000 We develop a new packing for indikators for a producer of folging boxes. first contract signed
distribution Dose We search for business partners for our plastics box. contract till end 2009
metal Flansch 76 800 Flanges have to be made for a signed customer. current inquiry
metal Verschlussriegel je 5.000 p.a. Punchings have to be produced. current inquiry
plastics Frontplatte 500 p.a. New front plates have to be designed and produced for a measure manufacturer.
Backlog of orders
Subject Projects name Units Projectdescription Circumstances Datasheets
assembly Elektriker- Visierschutz 5.000 p.a. Edge profiles will be assembled to visors of helmets. contract temporally not limited
logistics Arbeitsschutzartikel We organise the transport of their pre-packaged products. contract temporally not limited
metal Halteblech 184 743 15.000 p.a. This coated punching is produced in series. contract temporally not limited
metal Haltebrille 602 und 652 Je 100.000 We organise the production of aluminum castings for the automotive industry. contract temporally not limited

metal Haltebrille 671 40.000 p.a. Another aluminium casting for one of our coustomers. contract temporally not limited
metal Halter für Rohr 607 15.000 p.a. Production of aluminum castings. contract temporally not limited
metal Haltestrebe 5.000 p.a. Interior slots must be turned into aluminum pipes. contract temporally not limited
metal Stützstange 6.000 p.a. Aluminium rods are produced and assembled. contract temporally not limited
metal T-Stück 100.000 p.a. We organise the whole production line from casting, machining over final assembly to quality control of this piece for the automotive industry. contract temporally not limited
packing Arbeitsschutzartikel Sequentially different products must be packed. contract temporally not limited
plastics / assembly Sprungdeckeldose 1 Mio. p.a. A well known company distributes their ear-plugs in our packing. contract temporally not limited
printing Schutzbrillen 1.000 - 5.000 per request Different industrial safety eyeglasses are printed (Tamponprinting). contract temporally not limited
procurement Arbeitsschutzkleidung different We deliver cleanroom protection suits. contract temporally not limited
procurement Sitzsack / Polster We procure the filling of a customers beanbag- and cushionproducion. contract temporally not limited
sewing / padding Sitzpolster 8.000 p.a. We take the production of seat cushion for a customer. contract temporally not limited
Accomplished projects
Subject Projects name Units Projectdescription Datasheets
assembly 20er- und 40er- Gefache 80.000 Folded boxes were put up.
assembly Adventskalender 20.000 & 25.000 "We organised the assembly of ""Adventskalender"" for Christmas 2003 and 2004."
assembly Adventskalender Classica 60.000 & 70.000 "With our partners we accomplished the final assembly of ""Adventskalender"" for 2003 and 2004."
assembly Cornflakes 15.000 Labels were pasted on incorrect printed folded boxes within three days.
assembly Cornflakes 150.000 Incorrect addresses had to be pasted over on a folded box.
assembly Ostern Lfd. Jahr 350.000 - 500.000 For easter-sweets folded boxes are put up.
assembly Tannenbäume 30.000 Foldet boxes were assembled for christmas 2004.
engineers service Präparatespender 20.000 p.a. We designed a new wall preparation donor.
metal Ablaufplatte 1 We organised the construction of a messing plate for a fountain for a shopping centre in Leipzig.
metal Gehörstöpselspender 100 We produced a so called a donor for ear plugs.
metal Schlauchnippel 100.000 p.a. Hose connections were turned, assembled and packed.
packing Kaffee-Pads 25.000 25.000 coffee pads were shrink-wraped.
packing Mailings We organised an advertisment-mailing for one of our standing customer.
packing Müsliriegel-Sortimente 25.000 trays per month For three years different sortiments of bars were manufactured.
plastics Werkzeuge 13 We organised the construction of 13 injection moulded molds.
procurement Arbeitsschutzkleidung different We delived cleanroom protection suits.
procurement Fahnen 3 Flagstaffs and flags were procured for advertising purposes.
procurement Kleinformatbleche 12 t p.a. We procured small format laminations (2.000 x 1.000 x 2 mm AlMg3).
procurement Klimaanlage 1 We equiped a transfer printing facility with a climate control unit (air conditioning system, steam humidifier, exhaust air plant).
procurement Lagerausrüstung different We delived racking systems for the warehouse of our customer.
procurement Verpackungsmaterial 1.000 - 5.000 per kind We did the purchasing of different folding boxes and packing material for a mail order company.