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Terra Enterprises

Welcome to Terra Enterprises!

We are your partner!

As your universal supplier, we are providing you a network of suppliers from different sectors. Whether within your normal operation or in a bottleneck, we can provide you over 10.000 helping hands.

Our concept with one contact for every demand will save you time and money.
Reputable customers from businesses like the automotive industry, employment protection global market leaders, lamp production, building and food industry major customers have trust with us as their supplier.

Our businesses cornerstones

Engineering know-how
We find a solution for problems in construction and assembly.

Hanseatic tradesmanship
We provide you the optimized price performance ratio.

We ensure the success of both, change of quantity and deadline.

We guarantee prices, quality and deadlines.

Our business philosophy

Frankness, honesty, sincerity are the values, which affect our actions and therefore ensure the customer satisfaction.

Terra Enterprises is your global partner for one-stop supply of service.

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