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Terra Enterprises

About Terra Enterprises

The service company Terra Enterprises, founded 2003 in Ratzeburg by Olaf Nevermann, set the goal to provide their customers every imaginable service.
We understand our profession as a universal supplier, who represents a network of suppliers from different resorts. In this we work cross-border.
So there is only one contact person for every demand for our customers. This saves time and money.

In the first year, Terra Enterprises could win new customers in the assembly, packing and warehousing fields as well as production orders in the metal sector.
The most important cooperation was with a large French company in the occupational health and safety sector.
A well known lamp manufacturer has been won as a customer in the metal sector, too.

The year 2004 is characterized with the construction and production of a wall perpetration donor (Präparatespender project) for a northern German sanitary product manufacturer.
Terra Enterprises announced two diplomas at the University of Applied Science Lübeck.
First orders for a large automotive sub-supplier could be processed.
A food maker delegated their packaging for their major customers Aldi, Lidl, Norma and Hofer to TE.
The business volume exceeded the magical one million Euro limit.

In 2005 we invested in collaboration with the automotive engineering. New production lines were added. Unfortunately we experienced our first setback by an acquisition of parts in China. The delivered pieces didn’t meet our quality expectations which resulted in delivery bottlenecks.
We moved to Lübeck and setup a warehouse with a capacity of 200 pallet slots.
Relocation of the Chinese production back to Europe and control of the commodity flow with by using our warehouse.
Peter Massny, employee since the beginning, has been affiliated as an acting partner and managing director.

We consolidated in the automotive, intensified in the food making and grew in the packaging sector in 2006.
In addition to to our regular customers, we won smaller customers within furniture production, promotional item fabrication and distribution and mechanical engineering.
The design and construction of a packing for ear plugs is the highlight of this year. Over one million pieces have to be distributed in the European region. The entire production to delivery lay in our responsibility.

2007 is for all positive economic environment a eventful year. Losses of customers could be balanced by new projects. The construction and the setup of the production line of the tee (T-Stück project) enhanced the base of our company.

The year 2008 is marked by reorganization. We started with the development of our own production line and therefore with a improved quality control. First plans for a expansion of our warehouse are made and we strengthen our team in the distribution, production and logistics division.